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For East Bay immigrants, notary fraud is a common legal threat

In 1996, an undocumented young man in the Easy Bay was tired of being paid under the table for his work, so he decided to do something about his legal status. Two friends recommended him to a notario—or notary—who had helped them obtain work permits. The man trusted his friends blindly, so on the advice of the notario, he filled out and signed some documents and was told that a work permit would be mailed to his home. The man…

Inaugural Mexican-style rodeo draws hundreds to Richmond

An inaugural Mexican-style rodeo drew hundreds of spectators to Richmond Sunday to watch a dusty spectacle of raging bulls and courageous riders. “Jaripeo Expatacular” was held in a packed lot off of Giant Road, bringing together horseback riding, Mexicali cuisine and bull riding.

Richmond recibe millonario programa de apoyo visitando-hogares de nuevos padres

Brighter Beginnings (Brillantes Comienzos) no lucrativo del Este de la Bahía se ha asociado con First 5 (Primeros 5) Contra Costa en el lanzamiento de “Hello Baby” (Hola Bebe), un nuevo programa visitando-hogares en Richmond que provee apoyo y consejos para padres de familia a familias de bajos recursos de quien sus infantes vinieron al mundo enfrentando posibles privaciones.