Mark Andrew Boyer

Iniciativa comunitaria de Chevron provoca debate en junta del concejo

Miembro del Concejo de la ciudad Jim Rogers introdujo una proclamación en la reunión del Concejo de la Ciudad el Martes reconociendo a la compañía petrolera por lanzar una iniciativa comunitaria revitalizadora de fondos del desarrollo económico y educación de $15.5 millones.

Chevron’s community initiative sparks debate at council meeting

Richmond City Council member Jim Rogers introduced a proclamation at Tuesday’s City Council meeting recognizing Chevron for its $15.5 million community revitalization initiative, and Kanwarpal Dhaliwal gave a presentation on the RYSE Center’s Listening Campaign Share Out.

Orchestra of 100 guitarists prepares for Craneway concert

On Sunday, an orchestra of 100 electric guitarists will perform “A Secret Rose” at Craneway Pavilion. Composer Rhys Chatham wrote the piece in 2006, and Sunday will be the first time it has been performed in two years.

Richmond celebrates Veterans Day

Richmond residents donned red, white and blue and showed their support for military veterans at two separate events in the city on Monday.

Program helps homeless veterans find shelter

The Veterans Resource Program, founded by Rhonda Harris in 2011, is a place where veterans can stay, get information about filing benefits claims, and find help for PTSD and other wartime symptoms.

Butt shows off Richmond’s architectural riches

Richmond City Council member Tom Butt, a strong proponent of historic preservation, recently took Richmond Confidential reporter Mark Andrew Boyer on a tour of some of the city’s most important old buildings.

Riggers loft renovation nears completion

Renovation work on the Riggers Loft began last year, and it is likely to be completed by year’s end. A new Operations Security Center for the Port of Richmond is scheduled to fill about one-fifth of the building.

Investors pounce on Richmond real estate market

The Richmond real estate market is booming, largely thanks to investors who are buying homes with all cash. But some Richmond residents are concerned that replacing homeowners with absentee landlords will hurt neighborhoods.

Protestors demonstrate at Wells Fargo bank

About a dozen protestors carrying hand-drawn signs were locked out of the McDonald Avenue Wells Fargo bank branch in Richmond on Wednesday. The demonstrators went to the bank to show support for Genny Zentella, a San Pablo resident who is facing foreclosure.