Brittany Johnson

Richmond recibe millonario programa de apoyo visitando-hogares de nuevos padres

Brighter Beginnings (Brillantes Comienzos) no lucrativo del Este de la Bahía se ha asociado con First 5 (Primeros 5) Contra Costa en el lanzamiento de “Hello Baby” (Hola Bebe), un nuevo programa visitando-hogares en Richmond que provee apoyo y consejos para padres de familia a familias de bajos recursos de quien sus infantes vinieron al mundo enfrentando posibles privaciones.

Body found in car in Point Richmond harbor

An unidentified man was found inside a submerged vehicle in the Point Richmond area around noon today. Police said that the death was likely an accident, not suicide or foul play. The circumstances are under investigation.

Federal programs covered for at least a month

Thousands of women and children around the country have stopped receiving support by the federal supplemental nutrition program for women, infants and children, commonly known as WIC. Some are scrambling for childcare as federal money dries up for Head Start. But Richmond residents do not have to worry. Yet.

Source of gas smell still unknown

An employee at the Social Security Office in Richmond was hospitalized after she complained about inhaling the gas fumes that hundreds of residents reported smelling this afternoon. Starting at 2:30 p.m. the Richmond Fire Department received a large number of calls reporting the strong odor in Point Richmond. The wind carried the smell, pushing the…

Fall exhibit opens at the Richmond Art Center

As part of the RAC’s Fall Exhibit, Feldman takes viewers through a timeline of events with references from her up bringing, world travels and the horrors of war and ethnic genocide. The work takes on dark topics, but does so playfully. For example, Feldman’s “War Toy” series juxtaposes the grandness and intrigue of lethal weapon with their ability and to destroy.