Joaquin Palomino

Richmond’s program to prevent foreclosures spreads

It was one of those public meetings with a whole lot of talk and no action, but this discussion –in Oakland – is nonetheless crucial to Richmond’s plan to prevent future foreclosures. That’s because Richmond may need the support of other cities to succeed in its struggle with the banks.

Proyecto de modernización multi-millonario de Chevron avanza

ara Enero, Chevron espera completar un reporte del impacto al medio ambiente que, de ser aprobado por el consejo municipal de la ciudad y las agencias reguladoras, permitirá a la compañía resumir la construcción del proyecto de renovación de un mil millones de dólares que la compañía dijo es esencial para mantener la refinería rentable.

Sheriff pursues state funding to expand cells and services at West County jail

The Contra Costa County Sheriff is pursuing an $80 million state grant that could upgrade the West County Detention Facility. If awarded, Sheriff Dave Livingston plans to increase jail space and re-entry services at the 30-acre site. While Livingston got the green light to submit a proposal to the state, some supervisors and activists are proceeding with caution.

BART officials, union leaders to negotiate through weekend

11:59 p.m. Update: Union representative Roxanne Sanchez said negotiations will continue through the weekend. If a deal is not reached by Sunday at midnight, a strike is still possible for Monday morning. Leaders of the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 1555 and Service Employee International Union Local 1021 are still in negotiations with BART management to reach an agreement on worker pay raises, pensions and healthcare and avoid a possible strike Friday morning. After a nearly five day strike earlier this summer, Governor…

Zombie foreclosures: Richmond’s hidden housing crisis

Richmond has seen an increase in “zombie” foreclosures, meaning that the bank, upon foreclosing on the homeowner, never took ownership of the home. The practice allows banks to avoid liability. It also increases blight, and makes it difficult for the city to manage abandoned properties, which often turn into blighted eyesores.