Joaquin Palomino

Richmond 2013: A year for the history books

With a new year approaching, it’s time to reflect on the past year and prepare for the next one. For Richmond, 2013 was one for the history books.

Young woman hit by stray bullet receives outpouring of community support

Chris Solis spends every Christmas at his grandma’s house in Richmond, eating Mexican breads and exchanging gifts. But this year won’t be the same. Solis will spend the holidays in the sterile confines of John Muir Medical Center, where his 19-year old sister, Dominique Romero, is recovering from a gunshot wound.

Residents scruitnize Councilmembers’ foreign trips

City leaders recently took trips to Cuba, China, and Japan. While councilmembers say the trips foster economic growth and spur innovative thinking, some resident are wary of footing the bill to send city leaders overseas while Richmond grapples with a sizable budget shortfall.

Foreclosure prevention program inspires Bay Area activists

City leaders commitment to help struggling homeowners, even despite threats from powerful financial institutions, has inspired scores of activists across the country—from Irvington, New Jersey to Seattle, Washington.

Dispensario de marihuana medica permitido para reubicarse

El Concejo de Richmond aprobó un permiso el martes por la noche para permitir a un dispensario de marihuana para moverse de su actual locación cerca del Hilltop Mall (Centro Comercial Cumbre) para una más amplia calle abandonada en la Avenida Bissell, menos de una cuadra de la tienda Target en Macdonald.

Programa de Richmond para prevenir propagación de embargos

Esta fue una de esas reuniones públicas con un montón de habladuría y nada de acción, pero esta discusión –en Oakland –es sin embargo crucial para los planes de Richmond para prevenir futuros embargos. Eso es porque Richmond es posible que necesite el apoyo de otras ciudades para triunfar en su lucha con los bancos.

The unforeseen costs of having your car stolen

When a stolen car is recovered, Richmond police give the owner a 20-minute window to pick it up before heavy fees start piling up. Some think this is an unreasonably short period of time.

Medical marijuana dispensary allowed to relocate

The Richmond City Council approved a permit Tuesday night to allow a marijuana dispensary to move from its current location near Hilltop Mall to a largely abandoned street on Bissell Avenue, less than one block from the Target on Macdonald.

Bay Area greenhouse gas reduction plan could reduce emissions at Chevron

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District—often referred to as the Air District—passed a resolution last week to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. To meet the goal, Chevron’s century old refinery in Richmond would need to drastically cut the amount of greenhouse gasses it releases.

Foreclosure prevention program may not assist those most in need

Richmond Confidential obtained a list of 602 of the 624-targeted mortgages, which we’ve mapped. When comparing a map of the homes the city has targeted for assistance to a map of foreclosed properties in the city, one thing is clear: They’re pretty different.

Shields-Reid neighborhood council helps unite North Richmond

The Shields-Reid neighborhood council recently received a crime-prevention award from the city of Richmond. At the awards-ceremony, the group was applauded for having 32 “block Captains”—more than one captain for each block in the neighborhood.