Sukey Lewis

Mayoral profile: Uche Uwahemu

Uche Uwahemu—trained in law and business, and shaped by a decade of nonprofit work—speaks earnestly about the future of Richmond. At 41, he is the youngest of Richmond’s four mayoral candidates. Wearing a gray pinstripe suit with a lavender tie, Uwahemu sat in the Café Pascal last week and shared his thoughts on solving the toughest issues facing the city.

Jonny Perez fights for freedom

Jonny Perez is a community organizer and boxer in Richmond, who is working to inspire young people to change themselves and their city.

Opinion: On Mother’s Day, moms strive for that elusive work-life balance

“Just one more minute, sweetheart,” I say to my two-and-a-half-year-old. Atticus hangs off my arm as I toggle in for just one last edit on a video project for graduate school. “Come,” he says. “Come, Mommy.” All he really wants is for me to grab a pillow and start whacking him with it while he…

Richmond kids work towards Youth Council

In Richmond, a new model for adult-youth conversation is starting to emerge. On Saturday, more than 100 people gathered at City Hall for a Youth Summit sponsored by Mayor Gayle McLaughlin.

Daytime shooting injures two in Target parking lot

Shots were fired yesterday evening in the Target parking lot on Macdonald Ave., injuring two victims. One, a 17-year-old boy, was critically wounded, according to Richmond police. Both were admitted to Doctors Medical Center in San Pablo.

Minimum wage increase stalls

Richmond’s effort to pass a minimum wage hike has stalled. A general increase to the minimum wage gained support from the city council on March 19, but the proposed ordinance failed to pass a second reading after some councilmembers felt the wage hike deserved more input from small businesses.

Skateboarding event teaches kids about physics at Nicholl Park

Science and skateboards? It sounded incongruous, but to Angela Cox, Teen Librarian for the Richmond Public Library, it all made sense. Her vision came together on Thursday at The Science of Skateboard Physics at Nicholl Park on Macdonald Ave. in Richmond.

Richmond City Council approves minimum wage hike

Richmond is headed for a new record: the highest minimum wage in the Bay Area. The plan is for a minimum wage of $12.30 per hour to be phased in over the next four years. The City Council voted 6-1 to pass the first reading of the ordinance with Councilmember Tom Butt voting no.

City Council moves to evacuate Hacienda

In a special meeting to address poor public housing conditions exposed by media reports nearly a month ago, the Richmond City Council voted to draft a plan that includes evacuation of Hacienda, where residents have been living in apartments affected by mold, vermin and a leaky roof.