Joaquin Palomino

North Richmond church grapples with recent killings

Linetta Cooper said she can no longer live in North Richmond, a place she’s called home for 54 years. “You’ve got people riding around with guns,” Cooper said. “I’m ready to move.” Her remarks came during Sunday service on Sept. 29 at North Richmond’s New Hope Missionary Baptist Church following a recent spate of violence in the neighborhood.

Reclusos de San Quentin y la ciudad trabajan juntos para combatir la violencia

James Houston pasó casi la mitad de su vida en Richmond. La otra mitad la pasó tras las paredes, cercas y alambre de púas del sistema Penitenciario en el Estado de California. Cuando al principio el fue encarcelado por asesinato en segundo grado, Houston, 39, notó un común denominador entre los reclusos de Richmond. “Nosotros no recibimos bien a los fuereños, nosotros no nos revolvemos,” él dijo. “Es una ciudad tan pequeña, y la gente esta solo acostumbrada a lidiar…

Eminent domain firm defends against Wall Street charges

As critics point out, the people behind Mortgage Resolution Partners bear some striking similarities to the Wall Street bankers they’re ostensibly fighting. Chairman Steven Gluckstern says that although all three of the firm’s partners have worked for financial institutions in various capacities, none of them have any connection to the mortgage-backed securities that created the financial crisis of the mid-2000s.

Richmond Bay Campus faces delays

In forty years, a humble scattering of buildings along Richmond’s south shoreline could become an internationally recognized hub for scientific research. But presently the site remains just a small cluster of offices, warehouses, and labs, primarily used by UC Berkeley for engineering projects, and many in Richmond are asking when will the project get underway.

California Realtors Associations campaign against eminent domain plan

Richmond’s plan to seize underwater mortgages through eminent domain has come under sharp criticism. Opponents claim that the plan could depress property values, and end up costing the city millions of dollars in lost revenues and legal fees. The West Contra Costa Association of Realtors (WCCAR), which is receiving financial backing from the California Realtors Association, is the latest to join the fray. In mid-August, WCCAR began the campaign, “Stop Investor Greed,” which is trying to create opposition to the…