Kevin N. Hume

Doctors Medical Center fights closure

About 250,000 West Contra Costa County residents may soon be in the midst of a health care crisis. Doctors Medical Center San Pablo has lost millions of dollars for years by treating the uninsured and underinsured. The hospital has stayed afloat with the help of two parcel taxes and previous funding from the state and…

Richmond city council urges Kaiser to rescue fiscally troubled Doctors Medical Center

Doctors Medical Center San Pablo is facing a $20 million budget deficit and seeking immediate bridge funding from Kaiser Northern California to keep its doors open. The Richmond city council adopted a resolution urging Kaiser to support the financially struggling hospital at an emergency meeting Tuesday night.

Policía de Richmond prueba el Uso de cámaras corporales

Al principio de Octubre, cuatro oficiales de policía de Richmond comenzaron a probar cámaras corporales mientras estaban patrullando por primera vez, evaluando cuál de tres modelos trabajaría mejor para el departamento.