Sara Lafleur Vetter

Po’Boys Kitchen

Young Richmond actors staged an innovative theatrical work about acceptance and redemption in “Po’Boys Kitchen.”

Godfather of comedy performing in Berkeley

Paul Mooney, the Godfather of comedy, will be performing his Out of Darkness, Last Stand tour at the Black Repertory Group Theatre in Berkeley, December 26 through 31.

The battle for bikes in Richmond

Richmond is in the throes of trying to placate a vocal group of cyclists who want their roadways to be safe for bikers.

Muay Thai boxing in Richmond

The Anouphab Mud Muay Thai Lao Academy on MacDonald Avenue teaches residents the ancient martial art of Muay Thai. The gym owner, Master Tee, fled war torn Laos in 1979, and now teaches Richmond residents the art of eight limbs.

Un nuevo taller escolar creativo ayuda jóvenes de Richmond a expresar el dolor

Extrañamente, la muerte de Wilson llego dentro de las dos primeras semanas de “Phoenix Rysing,” un taller intensivo de escritura quincenal, específicamente creado por el Talento RAW y el Teatro Shakespeare de California para hablar del trauma de perder seres queridos por la violencia.

Council takes on alcohol billboards, solar costs and free Internet

Richmond city council voted unanimously to ban alcohol advertisements on billboards near schools and other public institutions. City officials hope the new law will prevent minors from drinking before they can make informed, mature decisions. The council also lowered solar-power fees, and began looking into options to provide Internet to low-income residents.

Reduce, recycle, reuse and rot in El Cerrito and Richmond schools

A new project aims to usher in a waste management transformation. This month, the Environmental Protection Agency awarded the Watershed Project, a nonprofit dedicated to protecting East Bay watersheds and ecosystems, a $30,000 grant to educate children and their community about recycling, reusing and composting.

A new creative workshop helps Richmond youth express grief

“Phoenix Rysing,” is a bi-weekly intensive writing workshop, specifically created by RAW Talent and the California Shakespeare Theater to address the trauma of losing loved ones to violence.