Richmond Faces

Galileo guys gather for good times

Louis Fantin limped into the brightly painted building, as he often does on Tuesdays, and took a seat at a round table. At 85 years old, he dealt the cards and studied his hand a little slower than he used to.

Richmond man reconnects slave colony descendants

Nat Fitz doesn’t consider himself a history buff. The Richmond resident, who is 86, never talked to his parents about the family’s history and ancestors. It wasn’t until he was in his 70s that he started taking an interest in the past, after he discovered that members of his family were part of a colony for former slaves in Kansas.

Coffee roaster: neighborhood change starts with cafe

Tim Manhart, owner of Catahoula Coffee roasting, says the shop’s clientele has been a revelation, dispelling some widely-held notions not only about who drinks gourmet espresso, but about who makes up Richmond’s population in general.

A Richmond activist fights gangs and governors

It’s not hard to imagine how Barbara Becnel charmed her way into spending more than 12 hours a day with Los Angeles gangsters for a year and a half. Or befriended a former gangster on death row for murder. Or ran for governor of California.