Richmond Faces

Richmond man aboard Gaza flotilla now safely in Greece

Paul Larudee, a Richmond man who was aboard a fleet of boats delivering humanitarian aid to Gaza when it was beseiged by Israeli troops, is now safely in Greece and should return home within a matter of weeks. A second Richmond resident aboard the flotilla is presumed to be in Turkey.

Making an IMPACT in North Richmond

For the teens and young adults who gathered on a rainy day last week in North Richmond, life has been a succession of struggles and temptations. But on this day, there would be rays of light.

The curious case of Nat Bates

Councilman Nat Bates is enjoying arguably more public attention by remaining coy about his political future than he would reap from an outright announcement. Will Bates challenge his political bete noire, incumbent Mayor Gayle McLaughlin, in this year’s November election? Maybe. Maybe not.

Heavyweight politicos gather in Richmond

Longtime Richmond City Councilman and powerful political figure Nat Bates hosted an event where some of the most powerful political action committees in West County endorsed candidates for several county seats.

Prodigal son on the RYSE

Will Haynes, 16, has no problem telling you what’s on his mind. Just ask him. Or don’t. He might tell you anyway. The Kennedy High School junior and RYSE youth center staple has wisdom beyond his years and a flair for media skills to match.

Local icon reminisces on his march with history

Former Mayor George Livingston spent a lifetime on the front lines of progress. Meeting with Robert F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr., becoming one of the city’s first black elected officials, and now sharing his wisdom with the next generation.