Phoebe Fronistas

County unanimous in support for casino

The Contra Costa Board of Supervisors on Tuesday reversed its stance and voted in favor of the Point Molate resort complex. The county is guaranteed $12 million a year as soon as construction starts.

Harbor for a home

The small, floating community of Point San Pablo Yacht Harbor is home to about 40 people, who live on twenty-one houseboats in the secluded cove.

A little skeleton music

What do Halloween and the Latino holiday Day of the Dead have in common? The Richmond Art Center’s On-Site Education Director, Kato Jaworski, said she pondered this question as she tried to come up with a theme for a holiday event at the center.

SS Red Oak is Richmond’s floating museum

Every Tuesday, Lou Berg comes to the SS Red Oak Victory Ship and helps out with restoring the historic vessel. He took a little time to take Richmond Confidential on a tour of the floating museum, docked at Terminal 2. With very few funds, the volunteers’ ultimate goal is to be able get the ship seaworthy, so that it can make short trips around the Bay. Click here for the ship’s official Web site.

Before Napa, there was Winehaven

Between the San Pablo Bay and a steep ridge lined with eucalyptus trees sits a lone burgundy fortress. Sharp-eyed commuters on the San Rafael Bridge may wonder what this structure is, with its turrets and crenellated parapets.  At its feet, a long, narrow wharf stretches across the water toward San Quentin. The Vallejo ferry passes by the secluded promontory every day, but never makes a stop. A road runs through the crumbling premises, but a fence bars would-be explorers from…