Richmond Faces

The Manor’s fairest matron

Geneva Naylor is a treasure to most anyone who meets her. Her stride isn’t quite as strong and springy as it was in the Roaring 1920s, but it’s still a sure, steady step.

A face concealed, a perspective revealed

Life in violent and impoverished neighborhoods can be tough to comprehend. It can be a world of substandard schools, street loyalties, environmental pollution and infrastructure disinvestment. Often, the motley mix is also awash in guns. Go inside to hear the audio interview with a local 19-year-old describing his neighborhood.

The bloodhound

Mark Wassberg has lurked around local crime scenes for years, collecting reams of raw footage of the city as few see it. Driven by a near-obsession to document the city’s struggle with deadly violence, this aspiring documentary filmmaker hopes to author his own rags-to-riches tale.

City honors publisher of local black newspaper

When residents and city leaders spoke one-by-one of their admiration for Vernon Whitmore, they didn’t talk of racy scoops or screaming headlines. They talked about his steadfast consistency in telling their unique Richmond stories.