Leah Bartos

Coffee roaster: neighborhood change starts with cafe

Tim Manhart, owner of Catahoula Coffee roasting, says the shop’s clientele has been a revelation, dispelling some widely-held notions not only about who drinks gourmet espresso, but about who makes up Richmond’s population in general.

Twelve years after cleanup, DDT still poisons harbor

Many fish that swim in the bay contain high levels of mercury and other contaminants, but because of persistent pesticide contamination, eating fish from the Richmond Harbor area may be particularly risky.

Cutting hair and curbing crime

For almost 20 years, Eloisa Martinez’s beauty salon has been a hub for Hispanic community gathering in Richmond.

Soul Food: Rescue Mission rebuilds diets and lives

The kitchen at the Bay Area Rescue Mission is doing more than just feeding healthy meals to some of the East Bay’s poorest people. It’s teaching them vocational and life skills, too.

Profile: Michael Froiland

At 24, Michael Froiland is quite a bit younger than most participants in the Bay Area Rescue Mission’s recovery program. But Froiland said he appreciates the perspectives of his older counterparts. “I’m trying to learn what I can from the generation ahead of me so that I don’t repeat their mistakes,” he said. Froiland began…

Profile: Maurice Cathy

With at least a year remaining on his parole, Maurice Cathy hunkered down to spend 14 months in the culinary training and recovery program at the Bay Area Rescue Mission. Cathy, 28, said he’s been in jail eight or nine times. Most recently, he had been in San Quentin for dealing drugs in Richmond. Six…

Profile: Melvin Jenkins

When Melvin Jenkins’ brother brought him to the Bay Area Rescue Mission earlier this year, Jenkins thought it was for a cooking job. And it was — sort of. Jenkins quickly realized that he had been fooled; the “job” was actually a 14-month drug recovery program, run in conjunction with an intensive culinary training course.…