Karen McIntyre

Galileo guys gather for good times

Louis Fantin limped into the brightly painted building, as he often does on Tuesdays, and took a seat at a round table. At 85 years old, he dealt the cards and studied his hand a little slower than he used to.

Richmond Speaks on marijuana

People on the streets of Richmond voice their views on pot dispensaries in their community. Richmond Confidential recently reported on the City Council’s decision to put a moratorium on new dispensaries in the city.

Bank-owned homes cost city time, money

Nearly 1,000 homes in Richmond are bank-owned, but many banks have failed to keep them maintained. So city code enforcers are spending big bucks and countless hours securing vacant properties and chasing down the banks that own them.

Lights, cameras, action at Richmond High

Concerned parents, teachers and community organizers at Richmond High School have demanded the school board install new security cameras, better lighting on campus and urged the creation of a comprehensive safety plan for the district.

One player’s family keeps Kennedy JV alive

The crowd that watched John F. Kennedy High School’s junior varsity football team play Piedmont High on Thursday could have fit in an AC Transit bus. Half the 50 fans were one player’s family. “We love you, Bobby!” 16-year-old Shanice Robinson yelled from the front row of the bleachers. Robinson, a Kennedy senior, held a sign she made supporting her cousin, Bobby Henderson, a sophomore and the team’s captain. A handful of other cousins waved similar signs. Each week, the…

Eco Village efforts ‘improve the world’

Chickens peck at tomatoes in backyard pens at the Eco Village Farm Learning Center in Richmond. A handful of goats, some sheep and one potbelly pig chow on hay in a nearby enclosure. Gardens planted around the property sprout vegetables, herbs and flowers. This 5.6-acre farm on Laurel Lane is where Shyaam Shabaka launched Eco Village after retiring from decades of Bay Area public health work. He now runs volunteer and training programs to teach people how to live healthier…