Few Surprises as Richmond, Contra Costa back Biden

A small rally outside Richmond’s City Hall was one of few, if not the only, political events held in response to the election. Photo: Thomas Brouns

Although some had predicted post-election violence, Election Day in Richmond was relatively calm as nearly 75 percent of Contra Costa County’s voters cast their ballots for Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden.

As of Thursday, Nov. 4, nearly 266,000 voters in the county chose Biden over President Donald Trump, who received about 86,000 votes, according to the Contra Costa County semi-official election site

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Around the Way: I want more moles

Los Moles and beer garden, a new restaurant in Contra Costa County, serves unique homestyle Mexican foods for the local. True to its name, the restaurant specializes in eight types of moles made of natural organic ingredients.

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The curious case of Nat Bates

Councilman Nat Bates is enjoying arguably more public attention by remaining coy about his political future than he would reap from an outright announcement. Will Bates challenge his political bete noire, incumbent Mayor Gayle McLaughlin, in this year’s November election? Maybe. Maybe not.

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