Martin Totland

The ‘Ben and Jerry’s’ of cannabis ice cream

Isaac Lappert, 24, has been making and serving ice cream since he was six. In the last year, he has been making and selling medicated ice cream from his business Cannabis Creamery.

Gun violence spikes in Richmond, two homicides last week

A wave of gun violence in Richmond and North Richmond killed two people – including a 16-year-old boy – and left seven others injured in shootings spread across six different locations.

Richmond police stats show decline in homicides (Interactive Map)

Richmond homicides have plummeted almost 70 percent over the last decade, and recent police data shows that the downward trend continues, with 12 homicides this year, the lowest in over three decades. Police and city officials credit community cooperation and outreach programs designed to help likely offenders.

RPD Chief Chris Magnus assists DOJ investigation in Ferguson, Missouri

Magnus was invited by federal officials to “look at protocols, procedures, training and supervision,” will return to Ferguson next month to help complete a report on what the local police can do to reduce deadly force and avoid crises in the future.

Shotspotter helps RPD respond to gunfire

ShotSpotter, the gunfire detection and location system that alerts the RPD within seconds of picking up the distinct sounds, has helped improve response time to shootings and kept precise data of gunfire patterns.

Richmond police identify double homicide victims

The two men shot and killed in the Iron Triangle on Saturday have been identified by the Richmond Police Department as Dayton Dailey and Clarence Wallace.

RPD Ride-Along: Night on the Richmond beat

Officers Brandon Ruffin and Jennifer Cortez patrol the central beat, an area comprising Richmond’s inner city and high crime Iron Triangle neighborhood. Some shifts pop with energy and danger – including reports of sometimes deadly gunfire – while others are placid. “It comes in waves,” Ruffin, 28, says as he slides the cruiser through a back alley. “The key is to keep the bad waves small and quick.”