Tales of Two Cities #6: Music in the East Bay

Today’s episode of the Tales of Two Cities podcast is all about music! From innovative music education programs in Oakland, to the Contra Costa Chorale in Richmond, celebrating their 50th anniversary, it’s clear that music is a staple of East Bay life.

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Contra Costa Chorale celebrates 50 years of performance

This year, the Contra Costa Chorale celebrates their 50th anniversary of entertaining audiences in the East Bay. In addition to their usual vast repertoire of music, the choir is highlighting the musical heritage of African and African American cultures in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Selma March.

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After school music is alive at Mira Vista Elementary

Band teacher Jane Magid explains to the Mira Vista band how to cut off when she stops conducting during a Tuesday after school band rehearsal. Three years ago Mira Vista's PTA brought band, orchestra and glee club back to the school. (Photo by: Brittany Patterson)

When the bell rings signaling the end of the day at Mira Vista Elementary School the playground comes alive with the sounds of elementary students pouring out of their classrooms. The brown portable on the edge of campus, though, is filling up. Laden with backpacks and sweatshirts, children burst through the door, deposit their backpacks…

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RYSE mixtape collects beats from the heart

Noel Perez records his song "What Makes Her" in the RYSE center studio on Tuesday.

Dodging guitars, cords and speakers scattered throughout the room, Noel Perez makes a beeline to the small padded booth in the RYSE center. He squares himself with the microphone, phone clenched in hand, awaiting the go-ahead from his producer. Music floods the small space, almost bursting from the room. The bass pounds like the heartbeat…

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