Bonnie Chan

Tales of Two Cities #7: Loss

In this week’s episode of the Tales of Two Cities podcast, hosts Brad Bailey and Matt Beagle will be discussing loss, and stories about people moving on when something or someone important is taken away. We’ll hear about a lost Oakland bus stop so important to bus riders that they’re trying to bring it back. We’ll listen as some surprising guests, including a famous rap icon, in the East Bay share their favorite memories of Prince. We’ll also hear the…

Tales of Two Cities #3: Hobbies

  This week on Tales of Two Cities, we talk about hobbies! From contributor Lacy Roberts, we’ll hear about a dedicated group of fantasy role-players in Oakland. Reporter Libby Leyden introduces us to a local man who makes his living by harvesting driftwood. We’ll also hear about Oakland’s 57th Annual White Elephant Sale, which took place last weekend. Matt Beagle is our host this week!