Brad Bailey

RYSE brings “Fairytale” about teen dating violence to the stage

Love and heartache are coming back to center stage in Richmond. The Richmond-based nonprofit RYSE is producing Fairytale, a theater production, this weekend in El Cerrito. Fairytale is the second theatrical production from RYSE, following on the heels of their success from the 2013 production of Te’s Harmony. RYSE’s mission, according to their website,  is to…

Nonprofit brings music education to Richmond school

As part of the zSharp program at Peres Elementary School, teacher Sonia Hardway instructs her students in the fundamentals of music while also instilling teamwork and compassion in them.

Contra Costa Chorale celebrates 50 years of performance

This year, the Contra Costa Chorale celebrates their 50th anniversary of entertaining audiences in the East Bay. In addition to their usual vast repertoire of music, the choir is highlighting the musical heritage of African and African American cultures in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Selma March.

Richmond’s Living Legends

“Rosie the Riveter” is the iconic symbol of female independence and strength, celebrating the female workers who played a pivotal role in World War II shipbuilding. The museum, operated by the National Park Service, features photographs, films and educational exhibits all about the welders and other skilled trades taken up by women after the men went off to war duty. Morrison was one of the “Rosies,” and they are still contributing. Now, they tell first-hand accounts of working at the...

New documentary stars Richmond’s very own Romeo

Richmond native Donte Clark always believed his life had a purpose. Lately, he seems to have found it. Clark, 25, a spoken-word performer and show producer, is the subject of a new feature length documentary, Romeo is Bleeding, directed by Jason Zeldes. The film follows Clark as he produces an adaptation of the iconic Shakespeare…

Meeting of the Minds aims to design more livable cities

Last week’s Meeting of the Minds Conference at the Craneway Pavilion brought together social entrepreneurs, politicians and innovation strategists to help Richmond and other cities design more efficient, livable urban environments. Here are four audio interviews of individuals at the forefront of these efforts:  

Youth film festival in Richmond highlights new voices

This is the first film festival for RYSE, and the inaugural theme was “Truth Be Told Justice Through My Eyes.” The festival was organized by Richmond’s RYSE youth center and is geared toward youth between the ages of 13 and 24 who are interested in social justice issues.

The Head Start program turns 50 this year in Contra Costa County

County officials, parents, children and alumni gathered at George Miller Center in Richmond on Friday to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Head Start in Contra Costa County. Dozens of families were on hand to tour school facilities and discuss the evolution of the child care program.

‘The War at Home’ debuts in Richmond

As a high school theater student, Michelle Wells was told that there was no place for the type of stories she wanted to tell. So she left her hometown and traveled around the world. Now, back home in Richmond, she seems to have found both her voice and her audience.