OPINION: Why a Jovanka Beckles victory is crucial

Tuesday’s elections in the 15th Assembly District might change the meaning of who “We the People” really are in the Trump era. The race is a microcosm for the larger political battles in the United States, with possible echoes for decades to come, particularly around housing in the East Bay.

Richmond Confidential looks back on 2014, year for the ages

Long after the billboards come down, the campaign mailers rest in landfills and the New Year’s toasts come and go, 2014 may be remembered as Richmond’s big election year. We are honored to have been in Richmond’s streets and chambers, its homes and schools and everywhere else, helping write the first drafts of history in an important time and place. Chevron Corp. poured an unprecedented $3.1 million into the municipal races only to lose the open mayoral and city council seats to a progressive coalition on every…

GUEST OPINION: Lament for veterans

GUEST OPINION: Inegalitarianism, defined as the exclusion of large segments of the population from participation in the socioeconomic and political system despite the language of equality, liberty and freedom, has permeated the U.S. since its inception. Veterans Day provides the opportunity to reflect on the hundreds of thousands who have perished in battle, suffered wounds or are permanently disabled, which, from my perspective, can only be described as an obscenity of injustice. Lest we forget, African Americans fought in the…

OPINION: Must we tolerate intolerance?

The city council has a job to do — run the City of Richmond — and council meetings are one of the primary vehicles by which to do so. Section 2.12.030 makes provisions for the silencing of speech that is disturbing or disruptive to this function.

Opinion: On Mother’s Day, moms strive for that elusive work-life balance

“Just one more minute, sweetheart,” I say to my two-and-a-half-year-old. Atticus hangs off my arm as I toggle in for just one last edit on a video project for graduate school. “Come,” he says. “Come, Mommy.” All he really wants is for me to grab a pillow and start whacking him with it while he giggles uncontrollably. Or hop up on the bed singing, “Two little monkeys jumping on the bed, one fell off and bumped her head….” Or, take…