S. Parker Yesko

Inquest reveals details of Richmond police shooting

Working the graveyard shift that September night, Officer Wallace Jensen pulled his police cruiser over on Stege Avenue and parked out of sight of Uncle Sam’s Liquors. He’d heard reports that locals hung around Uncle Sam’s drinking after dark. His lieutenant had asked him to pass by and disburse crowds. Jensen left his car around…

Officer caught with pot allowed to testify against others

In a trial this fall, Richmond Police Officer Joe Avila, a 17-year-veteran of the force, served as a star witness for prosecutors hoping to secure a conviction in a case they had built over a period of 10 days in a Contra Costa County courthouse.

Police investigating marijuana find at Richmond officer’s home

Just before Thanksgiving last year, a UPS Store employee turned over a box containing about 5 lbs. of marijuana to Richmond police officer Joe Avila. But the marijuana he carried from the shop that afternoon was never booked into evidence at the precinct. According to a search warrant issued by the Contra Costa Superior Court in September, the drugs didn’t make it to the Richmond Police Department’s property vault, but ended up at Avila’s home in Oakley, 44 miles away.

Where Richmond homicides happen

There have been 12 homicides in Richmond thus far this year, not including a fatal shooting by a Richmond police officer that is still under investigation. In aggregate, that number is a promising statistic consistent with the decline in Richmond’s overall violent crime and the lowest homicide rate the city has seen in decades. But…

Richmond police identify officer in deadly shooting

Richmond Police identified Wallace Jensen as the officer who shot and killed Richard Perez III during a scuffle Sunday, the city’s first fatal officer-involved shooting since 2007.