Elly Schmidt-Hopper

Long neglected, Richmond’s downtown is being slowly reborn

Walk down Macdonald Ave from the Civic Center toward downtown Richmond, and something will make you say, “Huh?” At the 20th Street intersection, you can buy five Christian music CDs for $20, walk four feet, and buy two cigars for 99 cents. How many cities do you know where a Bible store and a smoke…

Water utility proposes fee increases to fight historic drought

The East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) is proposing tiered rate increases for households and commercial buildings. As the supply of water decreases, a surcharge will be added to the water use charges already on a consumer’s bill.

Vandals strike Richmond Museum over weekend

Vandals smashed a window at the Richmond Museum of History early Sunday morning. The museum’s alarm system alerted the Richmond Police Department just after midnight, and responding officers discovered the damaged building. Public Information Officer Sergeant Nicole Abetkov said investigators dusted for fingerprints, but have no suspects. Alarm response is typically fast, Abetkov said. Police…