Contra Costa celebrates veterans: ‘They were ordinary people who responded in extraordinary ways in extreme times.’

Veterans Day

A room filled with veterans, reservists, family members and public officials went quiet Tuesday as Brig. Gen. Bart Gilbert stepped up to the podium in the Contra Costa County board chambers. Although he is long retired from active duty, his uniform still fits.  Gilbert was this year’s keynote speaker at the county’s annual Veterans Day…

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GUEST OPINION: Lament for veterans

GUEST OPINION: Inegalitarianism, defined as the exclusion of large segments of the population from participation in the socioeconomic and political system despite the language of equality, liberty and freedom, has permeated the U.S. since its inception. Veterans Day provides the opportunity to reflect on the hundreds of thousands who have perished in battle, suffered wounds…

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San Quentin commemorates Veterans Day

Monday was the second annual Veterans Day remembrance celebration at San Quentin initiated by a prison group called Veterans Healing Veterans. This program offers some hope that insight from imprisoned veterans can help those struggling to recover from combat outside the walls.

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A veteran’s story: Agent Orange and the Marine from Baton Rouge

vietnam vet

As a 20-year-old growing up in the woods near Louisiana State University, Jones said he didn’t know the war was going on—much less where Vietnam was on a map. “I just plain volunteered,” he said. “I went to my boot camp, gun school and ITR. At the end of my training they said, ‘You’re a machine gunner and you be going to Vietnam.'”

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A Marine veteran in the Iron Triangle goes solar

Aside from the four years he served in the Marine Corps, Henry Avila has spent his life in Richmond’s Iron Triangle. Avila, 59, says that it hasn’t always been easy for him—growing up there was a lot of crime in the neighborhood and a work-site accident in his late 20s left him permanently disabled. The…

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SS Red Oak Victory hosts Veterans Day celebration

Aboard the only surviving cargo ship produced in Richmond’s Kaiser Shipyards during WWII, the community gathered on Veterans Day to celebrate those that served their country. The ship is newly restored, and  functions as a WWII museum. Check out the video to hear the stories of Richmond residents who lived through the wartime effort.

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