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The historical uniqueness of a city in transformation

Richmond is a record breaker. Known for many years to host the largest oil refinery in the country and as the most productive World War II shipyard, Richmond also once hosted the biggest winery in the world. The city’s historical legacy has been recognized in some respects. The transformation of a 1930s Ford assembly plant, a beacon of the industrial age, into a conference center and museum complex is one example. However, there are still some major historic assets in Richmond standing idle — or even crumbling into disrepair.

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Historic buildings of Richmond forgotten but not gone

Standing at the intersection of Harbour Way and Nevin Avenue sits the famed New Hotel Carquinez. Most of the people passing through the ornate entryway these days are senior residents of the subsidized apartments inside. There is no fancy restaurant, no bellhops, no grand chandeliers.

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Vandals strike Richmond Museum over weekend

Richmond Museum of History

Vandals smashed a window at the Richmond Museum of History early Sunday morning. The museum’s alarm system alerted the Richmond Police Department just after midnight, and responding officers discovered the damaged building. Public Information Officer Sergeant Nicole Abetkov said investigators dusted for fingerprints, but have no suspects. Alarm response is typically fast, Abetkov said. Police…

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Richmond remembers the dead

On Saturday, the Richmond Museum of History celebrated Dia de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead. Students from Manzanita charter school brought faded photographs of deceased parents and grandparents, cut paper flowers, and skulls made from colored sugar to display on an altar at the museum.

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SS Red Oak Victory hosts Veterans Day celebration

Aboard the only surviving cargo ship produced in Richmond’s Kaiser Shipyards during WWII, the community gathered on Veterans Day to celebrate those that served their country. The ship is newly restored, and  functions as a WWII museum. Check out the video to hear the stories of Richmond residents who lived through the wartime effort.

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