Appetite a must for Point Richmond’s Brazilian restaurant

brazilian steak house

Pikanha’s Brazilian Steak House in Point Richmond knows meat. In fact, they know beef, pork, lamb and chicken so well that their waiters just keep bringing the grilled morsels out one after the other. Thais Silva, the restaurant’s owner, calls the meat her “show.” But it wasn’t until her mother’s death that the Brazilian native,…

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Spawning a swimming culture in Richmond

Ducking under the water, seven-year-old Colin twists his body around in a tight corkscrew, shoots his hands in front of his head and pushes off hard against the pool wall. His slight frame cuts through the water like an arrow in flight—graceful, precise, direct. And then the arrow goes awry: a few yards down his…

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Friends, family remember Officer Brad Moody

The memorial to Bradley Moody

Four years after the on-duty crash that ended his life, Richmond Police Officer Bradley Moody lives on in his closest family members, in friends who honor his life with tattoos, memorials, and keepsakes, in complete strangers who were given a second chance on life with his organs, in the people he worked with both in…

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Hull diver makes a living cleaning boats

Streaming water, Jack Johnson hauled himself up on the dock and spat out his regulator. He pulled off his mask and sat panting, fins in the water, his face pooched out under his camo neoprene hood. “Can’t do that on the vegetarian diet,” he said, wiping at the water dripping from his forehead. He’d just…

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Point Richmond is not your normal walk in the art

Every third Thursday, between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m., downtown Point Richmond transforms itself into a little party and art mecca. Residents, near or far, roam the sleepy streets by the tunnel, and stop into a variety of galleries and studios to chat with artists or owners. And if that wasn’t cool enough, visitors are…

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