Richmond Progressive Alliance revives campaign for stronger tenant protections

Advocates for stronger tenant protections in Richmond received support last week when the Richmond Progressive Alliance (RPA) decided to join their efforts. The RPA is an influential political player in the city, with members—Jovanka Beckles, Eduardo Martinez, and Gayle McLaughlin—holding three of the seven seats on the city council. The group’s steering committee voted on Wednesday…

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Mayoral profile: Mike Parker

Mike Parker

If elected, the 73-year-old Mike Parker said he will focus on education, affordable housing and job training.

“I believe the school system has failed both the teachers and the parents in Richmond,” said Parker. “People don’t have confidence in it.”

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Cash buyers rule Richmond real estate market

The Richmond real estate market, like the rest of the state, is on the rebound. And some of that recovery is thanks to investors who are able to buy homes without taking out a loan. That’s great news for both sellers and real estate agents, but it leaves limited selection for buyers who don’t have access to a lot of cash.

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History to make way for housing

Richmond’s Japanese nurseries were mostly purchased before passage of the Alien Land Law in 1913, which barred Japanese immigrants from owning property. During WWII, the Japanese families who owned the Richmond nurseries were forced from their land and moved into detention camps. Today, the vestiges of these once great enterprises are targeted for redevelopment.

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