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Historic buildings of Richmond forgotten but not gone

Standing at the intersection of Harbour Way and Nevin Avenue sits the famed New Hotel Carquinez. Most of the people passing through the ornate entryway these days are senior residents of the subsidized apartments inside. There is no fancy restaurant, no bellhops, no grand chandeliers.

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Waste authority, Republic Services tussle about who controls garbage

Richmond Sanitary Service is contesting an attempt by the county’s recycling authority to possibly select a new garbage company to manage the city’s collected trash, compost and recyclable waste beginning in 2014. As garbage fees rise, the West Contra Costa Integrated Waste Management Authority (RecyleMore) is scheduled to vote Jan. 5, 2012, on a way…

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Donation gives youth tennis program a boost

kids holding check

Richmond resident Jeremy Wallace spent a large part of his childhood on the tennis courts at Nicholl Park. From age nine through his teenage years, Wallace showed up almost every day, ready to teach dozens of Richmond kids to play a sport that, historically, hasn’t played a large part in underserved communities. By 13, Wallace…

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