Paayal Zaveri

How will Contra Costa vote in the presidential campaign?

To predict how Contra Costa County residents might vote in the presidential race, we created a map based on how Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump fared in the county during the 2016 primaries.

Former Doctors Medical Center in contract to become hotel

The former Doctors Medical Center buildings in San Pablo are in contract to be sold to a boutique hotel operator based in Davis, California for $13.5 million. The board hopes that the money from the sale will help fill the district’s budget deficit and meet continuing financial obligations to former employees.

City, school district aim to provide free Wi-Fi to central Richmond

The City of Richmond and the West Contra Costa Unified School District are working to bring free Wi-Fi to residents of the Iron Triangle, by building a fiber optic network. Richmond is joining other cities like New York City, San Francisco and San Jose to supply residents with free public Wi-Fi.

Richmond schools adapt to growing need for bilingual teachers

Richmond and surrounding cities have not escaped the teacher shortage facing the rest of California, but the problem here is different than in many other school districts: a shortage of bilingual teachers. In order to fill vacancies for bilingual teachers this school year, the district turned to a state-run visitor-exchange program.

New scholarship helps Richmond college students

The Richmond City Council voted Tuesday evening to include all of Richmond’s students in a new college scholarship program. Students who earn the scholarship will receive $1,500 per year, starting with high school graduates in 2016. The scholarship program known as the Richmond Promise is financed by a grant from Chevron Corp.

Richmond Promise eligibility still on hold

Following a five hour long meeting Tuesday night, the Richmond City Council delayed voting on who to make eligible for the Richmond Promise scholarship program and how much money students would receive. Councilmembers had trouble reaching consensus on how to expand eligibility and set scholarship levels without running out of money too quickly.

IT academy at De Anza aims to bridge digital divide

This past weekend De Anza High School’s Information Technology Academy hosted its first “Free Fix Day” of the school year in De Anza’s school cafeteria. IT Academies are one way schools in West Contra Costa are trying to bridge the digital divide.

Charter school community rallies for inclusion in scholarship program

Parents, students and teachers from Richmond-area charter schools rallied in front of Mayor Tom Butt’s office on Wednesday demanding the mayor and other councilmembers extend eligibility for a $35 million college scholarship program to charter school students as well as public school students.

School board reflects on racial, economic disparities in new state test scores

West Contra Costa County school trustees confronted new test scores Wednesday showing a persistent achievement gap by race, income and language status among students. Trustees also took an important though preliminary step toward investigating allegations of financial mismanagement of the district’s school bond construction program.

City council moves forward on Richmond Promise program

The Richmond City Council approved an outline for a $35 million college scholarship program on Tuesday, but questions about how eligibility will be decided and how much money students might expect to receive will be answered in October.