Safety measures under scrutiny

Richmond High School students are hearing a lot more warnings this week about safety measures after the rape of a 15-year-old student, who was attacked on campus following a homecoming dance on Saturday.

Cool-headed cop has eye on crime reduction

He walked from a work car to his SUV, lifted the hatch and dug into his personal items, sifting in the methodical way he does most things. A bottle of clear hand sanitizer. A handy flash-drive that holds all his reports. A cache of shells and a sleek, black shotgun. Just after 8 a.m., the weather was mild with an ocean breeze. Fresh off his morning briefing, he was ready for a day at the office. In a city known for…

Patrolling Richmond’s ‘Iron Triangle’

Phillip Sanchez comes to work with a crisp uniform and courteous demeanor. He’s recognized at the local Starbucks, where he likes to start off his day with a coffee and pastry. But the normalcy stops there. Sanchez’ office is one of the most crime-addled neighborhoods in the nation. Officer Sanchez patrols one of nine beats, the notorious Iron Triangle, a three square-mile area that owes its name to the railroad tracks forming its boundaries in central Richmond. The triangle is…

Troubled tracks?

Max Rivera can’t shake the memory. As he lay in bed during the wee hours of Aug. 15, Rivera heard a commotion. The sounds of rustling and some voices – maybe distressed voices – drifted into his small bedroom from out near the railroad tracks a few paces behind his home. Rivera thought about going out to check, but he didn’t. The noises weren’t out of the ordinary. Ever since he had moved his family in a few years earlier,…

Richmond Homicide Map: A look inside the numbers

The homicide data reveals some stark facts: Gun violence accounts for almost all deaths, less than a third of the crimes have been solved, over half of the homicides occurred over the summer and the victims are disproportionately under the age of 30.