Hundreds gather to support rape victim

More than 300 people turned out at Richmond High School in a show of solidarity for the victim of an alleged rape on campus last week. Students, parents and teachers organized dozens of performances in an attempt to begin healing.

Pastor calls for faith over fear at victim’s church

Pastor Jim Wheeler spoke of “The commitment to testimony” this week at the First Presbyterian Church, where the 15-year-old rape victim attended services. Calling on his parishioners to rely on faith over fear, he has urged more people to mentor Richmond youth.

The religious reflect on Richmond rape

Eight days after the rape of a 15-year-old girl, the city’s religious leaders denounced the crime and offered prayers for those involved. Congregations discussed healing, the community’s moral compass, and ways of addressing the crime with church youth groups.

Lights, cameras, action at Richmond High

Concerned parents, teachers and community organizers at Richmond High School have demanded the school board install new security cameras, better lighting on campus and urged the creation of a comprehensive safety plan for the district.

Richmond’s 37th Homicide

We read about murder in the paper and watch reports of homicide on television.  These stories are likely the only coverage of the crimes we’ll see.  What happens to the families of murder victims as they resume their lives in the weeks after the crime remains unreported, their pain undocumented. Family and friends of murder victim Kaneesha Mallard struggled for answers at a press conference held four days after her death.  Mallard, 19, and her companion, Alfred Thomas, 20, were…