Alexa Vaughn

“End Chevron’s Perk” campaign to start next week

As much as $15 million more could enter the City of Richmond’s budget if a campaign called “End Chevron’s Perk” persuades voters to end a cap on the Chevron refinery’s utility users’ tax.

Rabbit rescuers hop to it

The National House Rabbit Society, headquartered in Richmond, saves rabbits from shelters where kill rates can be as high as 90 percent. Rescue workers are searching for more donations, volunteers and foster homes to keep their mission afloat.

Mexican Art Form on a Roll

First revived as a wild, technicolor reanimation of Mexico City’s public transit culture for a San Francisco art show, the flagship bus for Hafter’s Richmond-based business specializes in taking salsa lovers from around the Bay Area to Mission District Latin dance clubs.

No urgency before emergency

Without the eyes of news media fixed on them, district board members have displayed no urgency to protect Richmond’s largest school with fences and cameras.

Police release 911 call reporting rape

The Richmond Police Department on Thursday released the 911 call that helped end a reported two-hour rape of a Richmond High student outside of her homecoming dance Oct. 24. Richmond resident Margarita Vargas made the call just before midnight that night. Police today also corrected the victim’s age as being 16 instead of 15, as…

Religious leaders launch volunteer campaign

Religious leaders called on at least 100 people to become eligible to volunteer at Richmond High School and other district campuses at a news conference following the recent rape of a 15-year-old on campus. The incident happened during a homecoming dance that had no volunteer chaperones.

The religious reflect on Richmond rape

Eight days after the rape of a 15-year-old girl, the city’s religious leaders denounced the crime and offered prayers for those involved. Congregations discussed healing, the community’s moral compass, and ways of addressing the crime with church youth groups.

Safety measures under scrutiny

Richmond High School students are hearing a lot more warnings this week about safety measures after the rape of a 15-year-old student, who was attacked on campus following a homecoming dance on Saturday.

Oilers win first homecoming game in nine years

With 5.2 seconds left in a home game against De Anza High School Friday, the Richmond Oilers scored a winning touchdown, but the team achieved much more.

Reducing violence from one ‘hood to the next

“I am not a high school dropout. I am not a drug dealer or a gang banger. I am not the negative of Richmond, California,” said Chanthanasak at the Sixth Annual Youth Stopping Violence Summit on Saturday.

Richmond Homicide Map: A look inside the numbers

The homicide data reveals some stark facts: Gun violence accounts for almost all deaths, less than a third of the crimes have been solved, over half of the homicides occurred over the summer and the victims are disproportionately under the age of 30.