Matt Beagle

Richmond reacts to Trump victory

After a major upset, Donald Trump has won the Presidential election. Richmond residents and candidates at campaign headquarters and election-watching parties tonight said they were disturbed by Trump’s victory and the implications of his presidency for local issues.

County supervisors approve task force to combat criminal justice racial disparities

Last Tuesday, the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors took a step towards examining racial disparities in the county’s criminal justice system. At the Board of Supervisors meeting on April 12, the board unanimously approved the formation of a Disproportionate Minority Contact Task Force, comprised of county leaders.

Tales of Two Cities #4: Changes

This week on Tales of Two Cities, we talk about change: people and places going through powerful transformations.

Family remembers Xavier McClanahan

The first thing Xavier McClanahan’s family says is that everyone loved him. As they gathered in a meeting room at the Praise Fellowship Bible Church in Richmond after Sunday services, his mother Ligé spoke of his magnetic personality—people just wanted to be around him. His cousin Daniel, wearing an “R.I.P Xavier” t-shirt, said that he…

Teenager shot and killed near middle school

A 14-year-old lost his life in a shooting this morning on the 3300 block of Ohio Avenue, Richmond police said. Despite efforts to stabilize him, he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Tales of Two Cities #1: Sports

We’re excited to bring you our first episode of Tales of Two Cities: Radio Stories from Oakland and Richmond. From the Super Bowl to chess champions, this week’s episode features stories on the great wide world of sports. Listen in to hear the turmoil of Oakland Raiders fans watching one of their rivals in the Super Bowl, and check…

Introducing the Tales of Two Cities Podcast, radio stories from Richmond and Oakland

Dear Readers/Listeners, The combined staff of Oakland North and Richmond Confidential is excited to announce a new bi-weekly podcast featuring radio stories from Richmond and Oakland, as well as interviews with our reporters, community leaders and other news-worthy characters. Every two weeks until June, we will bring you radio stories focused on a theme or issue affecting these two…

Spike in homicides adds to unfinished agenda awaiting Magnus successor

It wasn’t quite dark in central Richmond, a little before 5 p.m. the day before Thanksgiving. A 13-year-old girl was walking down a flight of stairs, two people were driving north in a white sedan on Carlson Boulevard “when they shot into the direction of the Pullman Townhouses, and kept on driving,” police said. The…

A soggy hour in Richmond

Our plan was simple: Richmond Confidential student journalists would pick a spot and observe, just watch and take notes, for the same hour, recording everything seen, heard, smelled.

Magnus heads to Arizona

Richmond Police Chief Chris Magnus has officially decided to move on to Tucson, Arizona.