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Berkeley to vote on soda tax, looks to Richmond’s Measure N defeat for lessons

Two years after Richmond voters overwhelmingly rejected a soda tax, health advocates in Berkeley and San Francisco are drawing lessons from Richmond’s Measure N defeat to try to pass similar taxes on sugary drinks on...
people leaving polling station

Election 2012: Richmond Votes

It’s Election Day in Richmond — and the only place safe from the constant barrage of campaign advertisements are the polls. Today Richmond joins the nation in deciding who will run the country for the...
Students debate the sugar tax

High school students play out real Measure N debate

On the eve of the election, seniors from the Richmond High School Health Academy debated the merits of Measure N, a controversial tax on the city ballot that would levy a one-cent-per-ounce fee on sugar-sweetened...
Moving Forward billboards

Citizens Outspent: Inside Richmond’s $4m Election Campaign

Take your pick: naïve anarchists, or corporate puppets. This is the face of Richmond’s hotly contested race for three council seats in the November 2012 election, at least going by the massive billboards and glossy...

Dr. Maya Rockeymoore: When Breaking Up is Hard to Do, The Link Between Sugary Drinks and African American Health Disparities

I will never forget the time when I visited my parent’s church on “Diabetes Sunday,” a program of the American Diabetes Association to raise awareness about the disease within the African-American community. A brochure in...

Election 2012: Measure N and Measure O

A group of progressive city leaders that have never shied from social engineering are now trying to pull off a first-in-the-nation challenge: get voters to approve a tax on sugar-sweetened drinks. Councilmember Jeff Ritterman and...

Richmond doctors square off on sugar-sweetened beverage Measure N

The debate surrounding Richmond’s proposed tax on sugar-sweetened beverages intensified this week, with a prominent Richmond doctor, Brazell Carter, speaking out against the measure in fliers distributed by the Community Coalition Against Beverage Taxes.

Anti-beverage tax coalitions have spent $3.5 million in Richmond, El Monte

Committees backed by the American Beverage Association have spent $3.5 million total to defeat measures proposing one cent per ounce taxes on sugar-sweetened beverages in Richmond and El Monte, CA.
A soda fountain in Century Hilltop 16 movie theater sits near a large "No on N" banner.

Cinemark joins American Beverage Association in funding opposition to Measure N

The Texas-based movie theater chain Cinemark USA Inc has joined the campaign against Richmond’s Measure N, adding nearly $107,000 in non-monetary contributions against the measure between July 15-Sept. 30, according to campaign statements filed with...

Anti-beverage tax coalition quadruples campaign spending in efforts to defeat Measure N

The Community Coalition Against Beverage Taxes spent $1.8 million dollars on efforts to defeat Measure N between July 1-September 30, more than four times what it spent on the campaign in the six months between...
Full Council Chamber

Controversial Measure N grabs spotlight at council meeting

Two major issues are dominating the election season in Richmond. Monday gave the Chevron fire center stage, but on Tuesday, it was time for Measure N to return to the spotlight.
Man walking by Obama sign

In Richmond politics, the Obama family brand resonates with the community

Nat Bates was elected for a record seventh time in 2008 and one of his campaign signs featured his face next to the face of another man looking to make history in the same election....