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Three Richmond teens charged with first-degree murder in Lincoln Plair investigation

Richmond police charged three teenagers on Monday in connection with the March 4 fatal shooting of 20-year-old Lincoln Plair. Plair was killed on the 100 block of 6th Street in Richmond while washing a car. “All three are affiliated with a gang active in North Richmond known as the Swerve Gang,” Detective Stina Johanson said.…

Richmond mulls legal action against Chevron Corp. over refinery fire

The Richmond City Council is 30 days from pursuing litigation against Chevron Corporation if negotiations fail to secure compensation for the August 2012 refinery fire. Legislators are seeking money from the oil company for damages and for expenses incurred by the city after the accident. Council voted 5-2 to hire Cotchett, Pitre & McCarthy, an…

A Richmond volunteer works to help Hurricane Sandy victims recover their homes

A middle-aged Laotian-American man walked up to the doorstep of a Russian business in a wealthy suburb in New York’s Rockaway Peninsula a few days after Hurricane Sandy made her catastrophic landfall. He rang the doorbell—one of more than a dozen doorbells he had rung that day—and waited. Widespread blackouts triggered by Sandy had left…

Rift emerges in Richmond as Bell seat falls vacant

An empty chair sat on the dais of Richmond City Hall Tuesday night during the inauguration of re-elected councilmembers Tom Butt and Nat Bates. Outpourings of well wishes for its intended occupant, Gary Bell—who won the November race but is in a medically induced coma following a bacterial sinus infection—dominated public speeches and the hushed conversations in the gallery.

Backed by new law, homeowners in Richmond, Oakland, fight to protect homes from foreclosure

When Oakland resident Debi Mason set out to prevent mortgage associates from the Bank of America from foreclosing on her sister Patricia’s Maxwell Park home in 2007, she had only a few friends, neighbors and advocacy groups to help fend off the foreclosure. But last week, Mason, along with thousands of homeowners in Bay Area…

2012 Year in Review

From Richmond’s triumphant bid to host the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s second campus to worrying phases of gun violence earlier in the year and the historic November election, here are some of the stories that made the headlines on Richmond Confidential this year.

What now, Jeff Ritterman?

A month after the election, the departing Councilmember Jeff Ritterman can see the end of his term on the council, if not an end to the debate about public health.

Richmond-built solar car ’Impulse’ gets ready for Formula Sun Grand Prix

A shiny bean-shaped rolling contraption, barely three feet high, struggled up a steep gradient on a recent Saturday morning as it entered the streets of Richmond from El Cerrito, turning heads and slowing down traffic as two escort cars flashed their blinkers and carefully stewarded it through crowded traffic intersections. ”We are taking a right…

Citizens Outspent: Inside Richmond’s $4m Election Campaign

Take your pick: naïve anarchists, or corporate puppets. This is the face of Richmond’s hotly contested race for three council seats in the November 2012 election, at least going by the massive billboards and glossy mailers that have dominated the campaign season in this city of 100,000 residents. The majority of candidates running for council…

Richmond’s sugar-sweetened beverage town hall draws tears, personal testimonies

Families from Richmond’s African American community testified Monday night to the fight against the health effects of poor diets at a town hall meeting to discuss the city’s proposed tax on sugar sweetened beverages. The town hall, held in the eastern corner of the Iron Triangle neighborhood at the Bethlehem Missionary Baptist Church, attracted at…

Richmond doctors square off on sugar-sweetened beverage Measure N

The debate surrounding Richmond’s proposed tax on sugar-sweetened beverages intensified this week, with a prominent Richmond doctor, Brazell Carter, speaking out against the measure in fliers distributed by the Community Coalition Against Beverage Taxes.

Full Coverage of the 2012 Election in Richmond

From the presidential election to the City Council, from the school board to Measure N, we’re covering it all: the money, the measures, the personalities. Click here for Richmond Confidential’s complete coverage of Election 2012.


Richmond Confidential reporters spent time with each one of the 11 candidates running for council. Click left or right to scroll through this interactive carousel and read the candidate profiles. Note: This is a circular carousel, candidates are not arranged in a particular order.