Restoration Hardware moves for bigger horizons

Photo showing outside location of the new Restoration Hardware warehouse.

Upscale luxury furniture retailer Restoration Hardware has outgrown its former Marina Way South location, and now has put down roots in a larger warehouse at 2900 Atlas Road. Plans started last November for the big move, about the same time the national furniture chain went public. The company, headquartered in Corte Madera, signed a 10-year…

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Domestic Violence in Richmond

STAND! organization's logo from the front of its building

More than 12 million men and women were victims of rape, physical violence, or stalking by an intimate partner in the United States in 2010, according to the Centers for Disease Control, and Richmond hasn’t escaped the problem. Richmond Police Lt. Bisa French estimated that the RPD sees 20-30 domestic violence cases a month. STAND!…

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Mayor honors memory of homicide victims

The group gathers in a circle in the Public Library for the "Meet the Mayor" event

Mayor Gayle McLaughlin invited the community to the Richmond Public Library Friday night to honor the memory of this year’s homicide victims. More than 30 people attended the event. Chairs formed a circle providing a public forum for the mayor and the attendees who had stories to share about the year’s 18 homicides. “It’s people…

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Identity theft on the rise in Richmond

police car

The white-collar crime of identity theft, which has increased dramatically nationwide in the last decade, has not spared Richmond.   Richmond Police Detective Jeffrey Whitson calls Richmond one of the identity theft epicenters of the West Coast. With the technological advances that come with smart phones, online banking, and other exploitative tools, Whitson said he’s…

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Coalitions made for LGBT youth

A group of students, teachers, parents, and politicians gathered at Harding Elementary, Saturday as a first step to help communication efforts between the Contra Costa LGBTQ community support groups and the school systems. Participants said it’s important to open lines of communication with schools, while the children are young.

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RPD sting brings in prostitutes off 23rd street

Officer Amit Nath and Officer Gary Lewis of the Richmond Police Department stand in wait near their squad cars in a nearly empty parking lot on the corner of Barrett and 25th Street. It’s around 8 p.m. on a Wednesday evening, and the street lights are on, but they’re so dull they barely cast shadows…

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BART PD to wear on body cameras

Sometime this year, all BART police officers will begin wearing cameras to record their actions. The policy is in the process of being finalized, but Shante Barnes, a training specialist officer, said that trainers travelled to Arizona in mid-October to study proper usage and video storage of the camera. After the official launch date each…

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Open Carry Ban in Richmond

Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill late last month making it illegal to visibly carry loaded or unloaded shotguns or rifles. In San Francisco the open carry ban has spurred debates and some protests by open carry advocates. But across the Bay in Richmond, the response has been more muted, and some citizens said the…

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Budget cuts cut court interpreters

After the Contra Costa Superior Court decided last month to adopt a plan that cuts $7 million from its annual budget, it will no longer pay for interpreters in domestic violence cases beyond this fall.

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