The ‘prince’ of North Richmond’s projects

Lavonta macho crummie in north richmond

In his songs and videos, he is “Macho,” the North Richmond everyman who sneers at his harrowing surroundings through jaundiced eyes. But despite the overt bravado and taunts toward rivals, the real Crummie is hopeful, witty, and funny, like an overgrown kid calloused by a life suffused in tragedy.

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Meet Jazz Hudson, the revolutionary poet

Twenty-two year old spoken word artist Jazz Hudson has been rocking East Bay mics since the eighth grade. From her first writer’s workshop at the West Oakland Library — where her father sent her to “curb that mouth of hers” — she has performed from the streets of Oakland and Richmond to the national stage, often with her three-year-old son Nassor at her side.

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