Manjula Varghese

SS Red Oak Victory: One of the last Victory ships

During WWII, Victory ships were produced in large numbers off the California coast. Here is the story of the SS Red Oak. One of the few remaining Victory ships, the SS Red Oak, is now a floating museum open to the public at Kaiser Shipyard No. 3 in Richmond.

Locally Richmond: Move Around Fitness

Locally Richmond is an occasional series of profiles that highlights the small businesses that contribute to making Richmond a unique community.  The dark and treacherous battle with cancer leaves some people helpless and weak. For Sarita Evans, it put things into perspective. It reinforced in her the importance of her relationship with her daughter as well as the…

City forced to increase debt, rethink its finances

Last week, Richmond’s City Council faced a painful choice between paying a $30 million bond termination fee or taking on an extra $10 million in debt over the life of the bond. Neither of these options help the city handle its deficit, but council members opted for continuing payment through the life of the bond.

Fed up with gun violence, event encourages community change

All too often, gunfire and police sirens have formed the soundtrack at Richmond’s John F. Kennedy Park. It sounded different Saturday afternoon. When hip-hop blared through loudspeakers, and friends and family of veteran community organizer Elana Bolds celebrated “Put Down the Guns.” Bolds and community allies have organized the annual event for the last eight…

Hip-hop artist eyes White House, hopes to slay the Trump dragon

Richmond resident Deon Jenkins, also known as underground hip-hop artist Alpha Leo, recently filed his paperwork to seek a shot at the White House in 2016. The candidate said he intends to tap into his audience to build his political constituency.