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Report shows half of charter schools in Richmond have substandard financial accountability and lack parent engagement

Seven charter schools in Richmond were among 43 charter schools in the state found to have faulty records for funds generated by high needs students, says a report by nonprofit law firm Public Advocates. The report published this year by the advocacy organization known for working with low income communities to bring strategic policy reform…

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Dialysis companies spend millions to defeat Prop 8, which seeks to limit dialysis center profits

Billion-dollar dialysis companies and a labor union are spending tens of millions of dollars to sway Proposition 8 votes their way on Election Day. Health experts say the proposition, which seeks to limit dialysis center profits, is unlikely to improve care for dialysis patients and may put care out of reach for patients in low-income areas, including parts of Oakland and Richmond.

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Is Richmond ready for electric vehicles?

The underground parking is cool and dark, even on the sunniest day. Bulbs let off pale white light, and green exit signs emit a neon glow. Three electric chargers are located near the building entrance, surrounded by six electric cars. By the time Cesar Zepeda leaves his office in downtown Oakland, his white Ford Focus…

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Flood program aims to keep shorelines above water

When the rains come and the tides rise, they take a toll on the Bay Area’s more than half-a-century-old storm channels, and one day, places like Richmond may be in peril. The combination of heavy storms and inadequate runoff channels have at times covered blocks in up to five feet of water, drowning streets, yards…

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Oilers basketball season shows promise

Player runs along side opponent, while they are looking the other way

Can you hear it? The sharp squeaks of sneakers across the shellacked hardwood and the echoing buzz signaling the end of a period? That’s right, it’s basketball time, and the Richmond Oilers are ramping up to for a season of success that could turn the tables on their recent history.

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Richmond hears El Grito de Dolores loud and clear

San Leandro-based Aztec dance group Eztli Chicahua performs

The Mexican flag, carried carefully without touching the floor, dwarfed Marco Negrete, a diplomatic attaché from the Mexican Consulate General in San Francisco, as he carried it onto the stage in Richmond’s Restaurante la Revolución. From the stage, Negrete stood before the band’s instruments, and gazed out at hundreds of people who had gathered from…

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Union files request with state over Kaiser staffing

richmond kaiser

November proved to be one of the most tumultuous months in the now year-and-a-half-long contract negotiations between Kaiser Permanente and its mental health clinicians. Mid-month, the National Union of Healthcare Workers released a 35-page report that made a number of bold claims against Kaiser, including a suggestion that Kaiser violates California laws that ensure mental-health…

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