Locally Richmond: Omni Movement

Omni Movement is a mixed martial arts and athletic training facility in Point Richmond. The center, which has been unofficially open since this summer, offers an open gym, and training in Thai kickboxing, dynamic stretch, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Olympic weightlifting and sports performance.

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Agents of Change: Scenes of a city in motion

Andromeda Brooks (top left), Jonny Perez (top right), Menbere Aklilu (bottom left), and Najari Smith (bottom right) are four of Richmonds "Agents of Change" working to improve Richmond's community. (Photo by Brittany Kirstin)

Old opinions about Richmond often seem set in stone, but at least some of the worst may be on the way out.

That’s what we tried to document in “Agents of Change,” a series of photographs and feature stories by Richmond Confidential’s Brittany Kirstin, a photojournalism student at the University of California at Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism.

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Muay Thai boxing in Richmond

The Anouphab Mud Muay Thai Lao Academy on MacDonald Avenue teaches residents the ancient martial art of Muay Thai. The gym owner, Master Tee, fled war torn Laos in 1979, and now teaches Richmond residents the art of eight limbs.

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RPAL boxing program helps youth overcome fears, gain confidence

Delleon Brown strikes opponent

Three young Richmond boxers from the Richmond Police Activities League boxed last Saturday at an exhibition hosted by the RPAL. The exhibition, which welcomed fighters from different boxing clubs and gyms, featured 15 bouts with varying age and weight divisions. RPAL’s Anthony J. Bryant, Vonnie Davison and Delleon Brown are all local talent groomed by…

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Local heavyweight boxer seeks comeback in Richmond

It’s a Thursday evening at Polk Street Gym in San Francisco as Bomani “Warrior” Parker works his way around the punching bag, delivering blow after blow with punishing force. Around him are beginning boxers of all ages and professions; lawyers, dentists, college students, and teachers momentarily halt their warm up session before their training begins…

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Richmond fighters shine at amateur exhibition

The boxers fought tough. The crew produced a top-notch event. The problem was few people showed up. “This is a good venue for Richmond,” said Jesse Coleman, an employee who travels with United States of America Boxing, the governing association of amateur boxing. “They did a good job of organizing, and they’ve got good fights.…

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