Safe At Home – Emeryville

Emeryville, California

The city of Emeryville is sandwiched between Berkeley and Oakland. The estimated 9,500 residents makes for a relatively small community. However, the city’s bustling downtown area with its outdoor malls and numerous big-box retailers bring many visitors from around the region to visit and shop. As a shopping hub, it is no surprise that the city’s crimes are mostly related to property theft. Emeryville residents talk about living in a popular shopping destination and their safety.

Emeryville Crime By The Numbers

Crime 2008 2009
Homicide 1 N/A
Rape 2 N/A
Robbery 97 N/A
Aggravated Assault 31 N/A
Burglary 119 N/A
Car Theft 182 N/A
Larceny (>$400) 261 N/A
Larceny (<$400) 414 N/A
Arson 0 N/A
Source: Office of the Attorney General  

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