Safe At Home – Berkeley


Berkeley is a city with a rich history of civil disobedience and liberal politics and is home to one of the leading universities in the country. Its residents range from the upper middle-class, intellectual elites to the working class and homeless. With the recent acts in crime in the city, some residents believe that the city’s reputation for safety may be changing for the worse. People interviewed at the UC Berkeley campus talk about how safe they feel in the city.

Berkeley Crime By The Numbers

Crime 2008 2009
Homicide 8 6
Rape 25 27
Robbery 496 444
Aggravated Assault 123 138
Burglary 1,095 1,079
Robbery 496 444
Car Theft 952 727
Larceny (>$400) 1,104 1,139
Larceny (<$400) 3,686 3,522
Arson 28 21
Source: Office of the Attorney General   Preliminary Report: Crime in 2009

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