About Us

The “Living in the Bay” multimedia project was conceived by students in the advanced multimedia course at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. With guidance from our class instructors and faculty of the school, we created a package of stories using data to visualize information through Protovis and Flash. We used good-old fashioned journalism and researching tools such as LexisNexis and microfiche to examine how businesses and policymakers contributed to the concept of homeownership as an essential part of the “American Dream.” We also interviewed renters, homeowners, economists, and real estate experts to help us explain some of the trends in the housing market.

Students in the class are: Bo Hee Kim, Karen McIntyre, Lily Mihalik, Bailey Smith, Joan Tilouine, Rosa Ramirez and Lindsay Wasserberger. Smith is a student at the School of Information. The rest are in the journalism program.

A special thanks to Jerry Monti, Paul Grabowicz, Bill Gannon, Len De Groot, Richard (Koci) Hernandez, and Jeremy Rue.

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