Religious leaders launch volunteer campaign

Religious leaders called on at least 100 people to become eligible to volunteer at Richmond High School and other district campuses at a news conference following the recent rape of a 15-year-old on campus. The incident happened during a homecoming dance that had no volunteer chaperones.

Bridge closure affects those who stay local too

In Richmond, detoured drivers and passengers crowded the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge, BART trains and surface streets, causing traffic headaches for both the regular commuters and those rerouted due to the Bay Bridge closure.

Richmond’s 37th Homicide

We read about murder in the paper and watch reports of homicide on television.  These stories are likely the only coverage of the crimes we’ll see.  What happens to the families of murder victims as they resume their lives in the weeks after the crime remains unreported, their pain undocumented. Family and friends of murder victim Kaneesha Mallard struggled for answers at a press conference held four days after her death.  Mallard, 19, and her companion, Alfred Thomas, 20, were…

Safety measures under scrutiny

Richmond High School students are hearing a lot more warnings this week about safety measures after the rape of a 15-year-old student, who was attacked on campus following a homecoming dance on Saturday.

Struggling homeowners get help at Cow Palace

Richmond homeowners facing foreclosure have one more day to get help from a traveling network of financial counselors. Thousands of Bay Area residents have huddled into the seats at Daly City’s Cow Palace over the last four days, hoping the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA) will help them negotiate a new mortgage. One of the homeowners was Robin Bill of Richmond. She lives near the city’s border with San Pablo. Bill spoke briefly at the NACA podium, one of…

Profile: Michael Froiland

At 24, Michael Froiland is quite a bit younger than most participants in the Bay Area Rescue Mission’s recovery program. But Froiland said he appreciates the perspectives of his older counterparts. “I’m trying to learn what I can from the generation ahead of me so that I don’t repeat their mistakes,” he said. Froiland began using drugs as a freshman in high school in Visalia: “Crystal meth, ecstasy, weed, alcohol, just about anything I could get my hands on,” he…