Richmond Faces

Inaugural Mexican-style rodeo draws hundreds to Richmond

An inaugural Mexican-style rodeo drew hundreds of spectators to Richmond Sunday to watch a dusty spectacle of raging bulls and courageous riders. “Jaripeo Expatacular” was held in a packed lot off of Giant Road, bringing together horseback riding, Mexicali cuisine and bull riding.

#myRichmond photo contest winner, Ellen Seskin, discusses the inspiration for her winning photo

Ellen Seskin said she must have gotten the photo bug from her dad, a newspaper reporter who captured moments for a living. After a few nods of glory from friends, Eskin started to get serious about photography while in college at UC Irvine. Now married and with a 27-year-old son, Seskin continues to be apart of a family full of talented folks. The Seskins have been living in Richmond for 30 years. Her husband, a musician, and son, a talented…

Ized Stewart, “Bag Man,” dies at sixty-four

Joseph Newkirk recalls seeing the weathered face of Ized Stewart often along Barrett Avenue. Known to some as George, and known to others in the Richmond community as “the bag man,” Stewart was a fixture in the neighborhood. Stewart had a distinctive look. He wore layers of tattered clothes. He had a scraggly beard and long dreadlocks often hidden beneath some sort of bag.  His eyes were a distant, faded blue. Since his death of respiratory failure at the age…