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California is in a drought. Water districts around the state are faced with difficult choices. (Flickr photo by: Angelo Gonzalez)

What the drought means for the East Bay

California is in a drought. Though the Bay Area experienced a few showers this week, far more rain is needed to make a dent in the state’s water shortage. Last year was the driest on...
Peaks in Hydrogen Sulfide are the reason for the foul odors in Richmond. Veolia erected three monitors around the plant to watch the levels of the gas in the neighborhood.

Veolia will be leaving Richmond

After nine years of service, Veolia will began the process of terminating its 10-year contract with Richmond, which will start the search for a viable alternative for its wastewater management plan. Residents in Richmond have...
The East Bay Municipal Utility District plans to lay a major new water pipeline beneath 23rd Street. Construction is slated to begin in 2021. (map courtesy of EBMUD)

Major water pipeline proposed for 23rd Street

The East Bay Municipal Utility District, which supplies drinking water and water treatment to East Bay cities from Castro Valley to Crockett, has announced plans to lay new three-foot-wide water pipes beneath a stretch of...
Cities all around the Bay Area are having issues with old wastewater collection pipes. Photo by Veronica Moscoso.

Neglected pipes result in rate increase

An aging and leaky system is responsible for the sewer rate hike for residents within the Richmond Municipal Sewer District.