Leah Bartos

Leah was born and raised in Santa Barbara. Like her colleagues Ryan Phillips and Ian Stewart, Leah also attended UC Santa Cruz and wrote for the student newspaper, City on a Hill Press. Leah spent four years with the Press, ultimately becoming co-editor in chief during her senior year. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in anthropology, Leah moved to New Orleans after the city was devastated by Hurricane Katrina, and reported there as a freelancer for the New Orleans Publishing Group. Her work has appeared in the Santa Cruz Sentinel, Metro Santa Cruz, New Orleans CityBusiness and North Shore Report. Leah is interested in investigative reporting and news features.

Stories by Leah

Stimulus jobs: Few for Richmond residents

Some Richmond residents are concerned that local jobs created by the federal stimulus package aren't going to local residents.

Cutting hair and curbing crime

For almost 20 years, Eloisa Martinez’s beauty salon has been a hub for Hispanic community gathering in Richmond.

Rev. Kamal Hassan: “What will we do?”

Sojourner Truth Presbyterian Church contemplates the role of churches and the community in the aftermath of last week's rape.

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