Video by San Quentin prisoners shown in Richmond

Dozens of local residents gathered at Richmond’s Civic Center Plaza on Friday night to watch a short documentary produced by San Quentin prisoners to promote nonviolence among youngsters. The 10-minute video, made by San Quentin prisoners who call Richmond their home, is part of the Richmond Project, which prisoners initiated to stay connected with the Richmond community.

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Richmond hosts annual summit for children and youth

summit sign

Contra Costa County child advocates, teachers, nonprofit groups, medical professionals and community members gathered at the Richmond Civic Center Auditorium on Wednesday and Thursday to talk about the status of children’s health at the state and county levels. The fourth annual California Summit on Children and Youth is “an annual opportunity for the best minds…

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Forum addresses issues facing Richmond youth

People sitting at youth forum

At the end of two hours of often emotional, powerful discussion Saturday on youth issues in Richmond – covering education, outreach, violence and fear — the resounding consensus was a need for more: Richmond needs more outlets for talking with, to and about its youth.

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Coalitions made for LGBT youth

A group of students, teachers, parents, and politicians gathered at Harding Elementary, Saturday as a first step to help communication efforts between the Contra Costa LGBTQ community support groups and the school systems. Participants said it’s important to open lines of communication with schools, while the children are young.

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RYSE mixtape collects beats from the heart

Noel Perez records his song "What Makes Her" in the RYSE center studio on Tuesday.

Dodging guitars, cords and speakers scattered throughout the room, Noel Perez makes a beeline to the small padded booth in the RYSE center. He squares himself with the microphone, phone clenched in hand, awaiting the go-ahead from his producer. Music floods the small space, almost bursting from the room. The bass pounds like the heartbeat…

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Local teens escape to new video game store

It’s 2:45 p.m. and Benita Kapoor keeps checking the time on her laptop. In 15 minutes they’ll be here—ready to choose their weapons, hijack cars and blow up buildings. She goes behind the counter to prepare herself. The clock strikes three. It’s time. School’s out. A few minutes later Deontae Mark and Dashun Buffun walk…

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