City shares millions in climate grant money with local nonprofits, including one marked ‘delinquent’

A very small tree in the middle of a park, next to a path. The word "Peach Durazio" is on a purple sign under the tree.

Richmond has received a $35 million state grant for climate-related projects that will be put to use by the city and local organizations, including one whose nonprofit status is in jeopardy. This month, the City Council unanimously approved contracts with the five groups that will share the Transformative Climate Communities grant. Councilmember Doria Robinson was…

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Richmond mayor delivers State of the City address

Richmond Mayor Tom Butt honored four Richmond residents—Marcus Faumui, Najari Smith, Betty Reid Soskin and Alysa Liu—as part of his annual State of the City address. Photo by Edward Booth.

Butt’s roughly hour-long speech, assisted by a data-laden slideshow and a short promotional video, provided a present-day overview of Richmond’s finances, education, public safety, transportation, housing, commercial development, business, economy and environment.

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Community involvement takes on illegal dumping

According to a city report, in 2017, Richmond’s abatement staff collected more than three million pounds of illegally dumped debris from 13,430 locations. A pile of waste strewn around the entrance of the Lillie Mae Jones Trail is just one example of dozens of waste piles illegally dumped throughout the city of Richmond on a daily basis.

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Meeting of the Minds aims to design more livable cities

Last week’s Meeting of the Minds Conference at the Craneway Pavilion brought together social entrepreneurs, politicians and innovation strategists to help Richmond and other cities design more efficient, livable urban environments. Here are four audio interviews of individuals at the forefront of these efforts:  

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