Richmond high schoolers win rare Division I soccer scholarships

(from left) Alonzo Del Mundo, Daniery Rosario and Nicolas Brenes Jr. pose for a photo during their National Signing Day event at Leadership Public School: Richmond. Del Mundo and Brenes Jr. are the first students from the school to receive NCAA Division I scholarships. Photo by Jeff Weisinger/Richmond Confidential

Leadership Public School: Richmond had never had a Division I scholarship athlete in their school’s history. That might not be too surprising for a charter school that’s more focused on academics than athletics. But that changed this year. Senior soccer players Nicolas Brenes Jr. and Alonzo Del Mundo both earned Division I scholarships to play…

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New scholarship helps Richmond college students

City Council members voted on November 17 to include all Richmond students in the Richmond Promise, a scholarship program to be funded by Chevron. (Photo by Angelica Casas)

The Richmond City Council voted Tuesday evening to include all of Richmond’s students in a new college scholarship program. Students who earn the scholarship will receive $1,500 per year, starting with high school graduates in 2016. The scholarship program known as the Richmond Promise is financed by a grant from Chevron Corp.

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Richmond Promise eligibility still on hold

Following a five hour long meeting Tuesday night, the Richmond City Council delayed voting on who to make eligible for the Richmond Promise scholarship program and how much money students would receive. Councilmembers had trouble reaching consensus on how to expand eligibility and set scholarship levels without running out of money too quickly.

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